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BioEnergetics Institute

Advancing Health & Wellbeing through education and training in Integrative Medicine modalities with an emphasis on electric, sound, light and magnetic frequencies, for health care providers.

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Continuing Medical Education

BioEnergetics Institute's will offers courses across a broad variety of topics, with Certified Medical Education (CME's) credits, and a distance learning certificate programs.

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We are putting together the BioEnergetics Institute Advisory Board and are looking for educators, experts and thought leaders in today’s integrative medical and healthcare communities.

If you are intrested please send us message.

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We are building a dynamic community and we invite you to contribute and interact with your peers.

Organized to facilitate a forum for the exchange of information between practitioners, research scientists and the healthcare industry.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing through research, education and community collaboration.

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Heath Professionals, Scientists and Student

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